#101 POO IN MUMS KITCHEN, 4 minutes, 
What a gorgeous ass
Pee everywhere in this one - including on cam; what a mess Ms.
And yes Ms, your pussy is wet and would love to consume you
... what a delightful vid...this one has it all and the moaning is almost too much for me to handle (toiletjake)

#103 MAC & CHEESE PEE POO, 10  minutes,
Scat Goddess wearing a pretty floral dress collects her pee and poo to make mac and cheese dinner for one of her loyal servants. Cooking the noodles in her Goddess pee then adding the cheese and poo for her servant to eat after done cooking.

#104 THREE LOAD LEMON CAKE, 15 minutes
First Scat Goddess goes poop on the side of her bathtub, Second load standing up, Thirdly Goddess poops laying on her side. Making up the ingredients for three load lemon cake the most scat Goddess has baked with so far. Mixing up the ingredients including her Goddess pee and added spit to complete the batter. She puts layer of lemon cake then adds the three loads to the middle of the cake then tops it off with more batter to get ready to bake.

#109 Goddess Filled Brownies, 19 minutes
Scat Goddess adds all of her goodness in this brownie mix. She releases a huge thick log out of her ass for the first ingredient, followed with Goddess pee. She sits up and begins to get the dead skin from her feet to add in the mix from her pediegg. She sprinkles her Goddess foot dust on top of the thick log in the pan swimming in her nectar. She takes the mix to her kitchen and mixes the ingredients with her fingers and then adds her spit to the batter..licking up her fingers when shes done. Goddess goes back to the bathroom to clip her toenails to add to the very top of the brownie ready to be baked in the oven.

#118 Sugar Cookies Filled, 5 minutes,
Scat Goddess begins mixing the sugar cookie mix in her bathroom, then undresses to add her special ingredients from her sexy body pee and poo. Leaning over the pile in the bowl, Goddess adds her spit to the mix. Using the pedi egg on her filthy feet she collects and adds to the cookie ingredients. While mixing up Goddess decides she needs to add even more spit.
#126 FILL MUM'S NYLON PANTY, 4 minutes,
Scat Goddess was especially very naughty filling up and messing up her Mum's fullback silky panties with a nice load.
Scat Goddess messes up another pair of white panties with her sweet poop and piss.

#130 FILLING JEANS & PANTY, 21 minutes
Scat Goddess messed her jeans and yellow panties outside then pulled them down and masturbated all messy..wonder if neighbors heard or saw Goddess being filthy?

#134 ANOTHER MESSY PANTY, 5 minutes
Scat Goddess lays on her side and fills up white panty with a messy runny poop. Playing with her sexy pussy making an even bigger mess!




Scat Goddess combines the pumpkin bread ingredients in her kitchen and puts a first later in muffin pan. Spits up her chocolate log to put shit pieces in each muffin then layering more pumpkin batter on top. Goddess makes a nice holiday treat for lucky servants to consume. 

#41 PEEING PANTIES WORK BATHROOM,  clip, After work  one day Mistress  was naughty and peed in her panties....standing in stall in women’s restroom at work...Scat Goddess  lowers her damp panties and pees some more, right into her panties.  You want to beg her to let you have her nectar soaked panties to smell, taste and worship. 
 Hear her pee and see her pee and long to be her toilet, the thing she pees into.  As you watch your Mistress pee, dream of the honor and privilege of being Her toilet, the thing She pees into, then licking Her clean afterwards. (slavetouser)

#47 SOAK JEANS &PANTY, 9 minutes, This is so hot!!  Mistress is wearing a black T shirt and blue jeans.  She tells you that she needs to pee and squats down on the bathroom floor.  “Kiss my Goddess hands first.” She says, holding them out to you.  “Kiss my Goddess feet!” she says holding them out to you also. She then begins to pee and you see the stain spread across her jeans.  As she is peeing, she lifts her T and begins playing with her beautiful breasts.  She removes her soaked jeans and thong and commands you to worship them and clean them with your mouth!  You want to obey her.  She squats down again and leaning back, begins masturbating herself.  OMG!  You see her beautiful pussy.  As she plays with herself, she poops and pees some more.  It is so hot!  When she orgasms, she leans forward and kisses the camera.  You want to kiss her back, but even more, you want to crawl to her on your belly and lick her ass and pussy clean!  (slavetouser)

#53 CLIT PLAY PEEING, 9 minutes
Goddess rubs her clit and pussy until she pees and gets herself nice and soaked.

#63 STAND UP PEE AFTER PUSSY POP, 1.5 minutes,Oh my gosh... a tremendous view of Ms and such a delicious looking stream
Worship your ass and pussy - Yes please! (toiletjake)

#16 ASS JUICE FART, 1 minutes,
 Mistress is getting laying on the bed with her ass in the air, and spreading her ass apart as she lets all the air out of her ass after using her favorite glass toy on her ass. Mistress even lets a small treat come shooting out of her and lands perfectly on her panty. (toiletwarren)

Scat Goddess starts off by chewing up chocolate laxative to have affect later, but makes her fart, and she teases while in her panties. Showing off her dirty panties and removed tampon.

#107 TRYING TO GO POO..SQUIRT, 4 minutes
Scat Goddess lays back with her legs up and tries to go poo, but squirt and cream pours out of her pussy..getting wet from trying to shit.

After Scat Goddess filled her pink panties in video #206, Her ads was so filthy still she wanted to get her cummy gray cotton boyshorts cleaned by one of her lucky toilet servants. Goddess shows off her filthy ass and instructs how she wants to be pleased.

#35 DIRTY PANTY WIPE, 3 minutes
Showing off her sexy dirty ass and wiping clean with pair of panties.

#65 DIRTY ASS PANTY WIPE, 2 minutes,
After going poop Goddess shows her sexy ass with poo still left on it putting on silky floral green bikini panties she rubs in her ass to collect her leftover poo. 

#110 PLAID THONG DIRTY ASS, 1 minute
An amazing video featuring Scat Goddess  in all her worshiping glory. Standing tall and naked the camera views the Goddess from behind and looking upwards. Holding a thong in her right hand she parts her ass cheeks to reveal a shit covered asshole. Our Goddess proceeds to use her thong to wipe her ass clean. We see a close-up of the shit-stained thong before it is put back onto Scat Goddess. We are presented with close ups of Goddess pussy and ass whilst rubbing herself through the thong. (toiletsteve)

 #145 GOLD PANTY  DIRTY ASS, 4 minutes,
Scat Goddess gets on her hands and knees and reveals her filthy dirty ass on her thighs too. She uses silky gold panty to wipe up the mess for one of her dirty servants to clean and enjoy later. 

Scat Goddess feels kidish and removes her jeans and shows her cummy panties before putting on nice clean diaper to get filthy of course at later time.

 #144 POO SMEAR ON PERIOD, 13 minutes,
Scat Goddess is extremely horny on her period thinking of getting filthy all day. First, she sits on the toilet naked except her cute white frilly socks and she begins to plays with her pussy. Then she takes a nice poop then smears it on her ass, thighs and pussy. What a beautiful mess!

 #149 WORSHIP MY DIRTY ASS, 13 minutes,
Scat Goddess removes her thong to reveal that her ass is already filthy. She wants her sexy filthy ass worshiped as she fingers and smears she tells you to worship.

 #124 POO GLASS PLAY, 19 minutes
Scat Goddess plays with her pussy as she poops squatting on the floor  then smearing her scat on ass and back of thighs. Goddess is so hot covered with her shit. Goddess fucks her pussy with her glass dildo and smears shit over her pussy. She draws a shitty heart on her stomach with beautiful smile.
#125 ASS SPECULUM 1st PICS11 minutes,
Testing out Collins Anal Speculum while ass is full...really makes Scat Goddess' pussy wet and creamy.

#133 Dirty Brother Panty &Toying, 10 minutes
Scat Goddess is teasing her dirty brother with her messy ass, teasing pussy with fingers and fucking ass with anal plug and sucking dirty plug clean while playing with herself. Telling him her must watch and show him how to properly clean his sister's anal plug after she is done with it.

 #141 Stolen Pad Dirty Ass Toy, 13 minutes,
Scat Goddess stole another woman's used pad from a bin in a public restroom. She brought it home to smell, wear, and play with. She makes a mess of her ass while being naughty and playing thinking how dirty she is being.


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