Wednesday, July 1, 2015


I am trying to rest the muscles in my neck and back...I have pulled something and it hasn't been much fun the last few days. I am truly hoping to feel better for this upcoming Friday on my birthday.  I have invited a few friends over to play, but unfortunately there wont be any dirty play other than anal and rimming. I will be keeping my sale going until the end of the month of July so you can enjoy and receive my deals.
Pick any 1 video for $7
Pick any 4 videos for $20
Pick any 15 videos for $50
$65 Custom Fetish Video (up to 15 min)
$60 Custom Panties. Pics & Video
$45 Custom Socks, Pics & Video
Chocolate Tasting & Custom Baked Treats
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If you don't wish to wait on my sexy ass, you may buy and download my worship videos immediately  below (sale prices not valid)
You may have the pleasure of spoiling my Goddess ass on my bday!
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Kiss MY Filthy Goddess Ass!
Scat Goddess Amanda xxx


Monday, June 29, 2015


I am getting ready to lay down and relax before bedtime with some heat on my back. I believe I pulled a muscle in my back, Goddess is even more achy...frowns!! Since I have been asked a lot about my dirty panties, I went ahead and took picture to show what dirty panties are available to buy, so I can continue to wear and get dirty for you. I have tons of other panties to choose from, but these are the panties that are already a little dirty now.
Panty Sale until 6/30/15
$65 Custom Dirty Panty & Video
$150 Four Custom Panties & Videos



Kiss  & Worship MY Filthy Goddess Ass!!
 I needed a taste since I have been SO horny!!

 I know you wish you could smell and taste MY Goddess shit right now!
 I feel so much better when I have my nails done. I think my shit looks much better when I pick it up with pretty scat nail porn! If you wish to pay for me to go to the salon you will receive worship pics/video for pleasing my ass and you will have the honor of seeing me show off my sexy nails!!

 MY Goddess shit tastes yummy
 When I'm not being pleased by one of my servants, I have to get all cleaned up by myself.....I do LOVE getting cleaned up with help much better!!
 Obey and Please MY Goddess Ass ALWAYS!!
 Push your tongue right into my shitty asshole!
 I love anal plugs, I was so happy to receive this cute fox tail...Goddess love real animal fur!! I really need a longer tail. I now have coyote, fox...but was hoping it would have been a bit bigger and longer....Goddess needs a bigger tail lol!! It makes me feel so happy wearing a tail!!
Kiss MY Goddess Hands!
Don't mess with Goddess!!! Lead Weights are inside!!
I know you rather see MY Goddess SHIT
than my nails...HAHAHA!!