Saturday, July 18, 2015


Even though my hubby told me I couldn't get filthy again in the house, I couldn't help it I made a mess yesterday once he left. He is here at the house now watching tv, and he knows that I am planning to play and get dirty tonight, and he is not mad because I am getting dirty again especially right before I am about to leave on family vacation. I need to get really filthy and cum hard before going away. I will not have hubby with me so I will not getting pleasure from him. I will not be able to do much while I am away because I will be with family the whole time, but I always tend to squeeze filth in because I need it as well just as my servants. I need my servants to worship not just my shit, but all of my sexy body, it is so hard not too!!

 I squirted and came so hard yesterday getting filthy with my shit. Check out my new video below and the rest of my sexy scat worship videos for sale. Email me though directly if you want to pay $$ tribute and take advantage of my sale prices listed, sales are not valid through the scat shop website.
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 I came so hard fucking my pussy and ass with my dildo....I need some new toys to play with though!!!  Hubby talked about fisting my ass, and his hands are much bigger than mine...Goddess needs bigger toys.  If you see a toy on amazon that you think I would like email it to me, and I can add it to my wish list. If you send me a toy I will make a video or picture set for pleasing and spoiling Goddess.
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 Goddess was so upset that a nail broke before I could get to the salon and get filthy. I desperately need to get to the salon sometime tomorrow to get my nails fixed before my trip. I would really love a pedicure as well, its been months since I have been able to relax and get my feet done. It would please me if you would like to please Goddess to help go towards the salon or for my upcoming trip. I have been on the pc all day trying to get things done before I leave on Sunday to visit family. My servants and fans will still be able to contact me while I am away, but please be patient upon response. I truly enjoy those who worship my Goddess body and become a part of my life.
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 I still need a new cell phone, I did not get one for my birthday as I was hoping. It is still cracked badly and keeps messing and locking up. I will send my whole collection on memory stick and plus a custom video to the first person who desires to please my Goddess ass and buy me a new iPhone. I use my cell phone A LOT, so it continues to get worse!!
 I know I will be so horny when I get home from my trip...I will need to get filthy like this again !
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 I hardly ever get requests anymore for pictures which I love too..if you weren't aware, other than pictures taken from my cell phone, I do take high quality hd scat photo sets like this here, but of course when you tribute my ass you get the pleasure of worshiping my pretty Goddess face as well.
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 I am working on my next super sweet sex cummy panties in Victoria's Secret pink black panties filled with cum these panties are still available for sale for $60 (us) $75 (outside us) I will continue to add more sex cum from my hubby, bf, and bulls I allow to cum inside of me. I have added many loads of sex cum. Today I added my sex cum and my squirt, and a little pee...I was still so horny after getting fucked, I was cumming thinking of lucky servant worshiping my sex cum panty.
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 My pink panties are getting nice and stained they will be extremely filthy when I am lounging for after an hour after smearing with shit and covered with an outfit watching tv....upcoming filthiness planned for when I get back....To get on my custom video list and receive super sale for your sexy dirty video idea you have for my ass.
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 Look....I need my nails done before I leave on my trip!!!! ahhhh I hate when my nails are messed up and not done. Goddess needs a nail bitch who wants to make sure they stay pretty to keep my anxiety down about my nails...Goddess has already bitten what grew on the pinky nail...frowns
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Thursday, July 16, 2015


Goddess stays too horny not to get filthy still at the house. I do have to be little more aware of my powerful ass before hubby gets home...Goddess smiles. Today he left, and I could not help it. I had come home from my boyfriend's house, and I needed to get filthier!! I was a little upset last night. The last time that my boyfriend came over to my house to play my ass was full. He was fucking my pussy and then went right into my shitty ass. I did not tell him that I needed to go poop. Once he began fucking my ass deep I could smell my sweet shit. His cock got harder and he began fucking me more. He licked my ass and fucked my ass more. I sucked his cock and could taste my shit on his cock. It turned him on when I sucked his cock after being inside my ass. He wanted to kiss me, so I did. I could taste the shit in my mouth...he wanted more kisses so I gave him more. He ended up cumming deep in my ass. Well last night, I had asked him if he had any ideas of what he wanted to film with me. He had wanted me to spend the night and tape something with me before my trip, but it was undecided what. I had a full ass when I went to see him before we even ate dinner.  He said he didn't have anything particular in mind but he wanted to eat my pussy, and he wanted to know what I had in mind. I had hesitated in telling him because he does not know how filthy I enjoy to get. I have told him I enjoy feeding my shit to my servants, but he has not seen how filthy that I get. I told him I had not planned anything, but there was one thing  that we did last time that I would like to do again. He asked what was that and then I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass but with it dirty like it was last time....frowns.....he did not know and did not he did not realize he was enjoying fucking my shitty ass. when I mentioned it he wasn't wanting to film that with me. I told him I could go prior and then him to fuck my ass....he told me as long as I wiped my ass clean first...I felt really upset for even mentioning it. I went into the bathroom and took my cell phone so I could have my ass worshiped and enjoyed as it pleases me. He did not laugh or say that it was nasty. He was really nice about it, but it did not help the way that it made me feel, since I thought it turned him on. It just hit me and made me cry for a little bit, maybe release of emotions, I don't know, but it truly affected me, it was nice to have comfort of just being held there and not made to feel bad about getting filthy. My servants, sluts, and fans understand their Goddess, so those are the ones who get to enjoy and worship ALL of my ass...the others don't get it, and will never be allowed the true treasure of the gifts from my sexy Goddess body!  When I came home, I got fucked again by my hubby, and then I really needed to cum hard. I know I will only have a few more days before I leave on my trip, I need to get dirty when I can!!

I need some extra spending money on my upcoming trip to visit family. I will be leaving on Sunday and coming back on the 27th. I want to break in my new video camera, and have some fetish videos lined up to do for when I get back home, because I know I will be super horny. Goddess will need to cum really good..over and over and again!!

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I've been wearing these white cotton panties so much before I unload a piss enema in them for my dirty panty baby to clean them up to please me!
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 This was an loose explosion from my ass...whoops I missed but I scooped up off the floor for a lucky hungry toilet to eat up!
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 I'm looking forward to getting my silky pink panties even filthier and cumming hard in them soon!