Friday, April 24, 2015


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I have had a very rough and depressing week. One of my close friends had their seven year old son pass away all of a sudden. I cancelled the camping trip because my friends child was sick, but this was the last that was to be expected! I wasn't able to do much of anything after seeing the little one in the hospital hooked to life support. I'm feeling a bit better after a birthday memorial for him tonight, but I still have the upcoming funeral on Sunday. The end of my week started to get a little bit better when a single girl I met on New Years Eve wanted to get together with my hubby and I. We had a lot of fun together, and she came over for a repeat the next night.  She is not into anal yet, but I am hoping to get her to enjoy having her asshole licked at least!! She is sexy and said she would like to make some videos while we play. We ate each others pussy and fucked each other with strapon, came a lot!! I look forward to having more naughty fun with my new sexy brunette girlfriend. I will be taking custom video requests with my new girlfriend...starting with a strapon video we will be making tomorrow night.
Requests will be nonscat for now, hopefully if she sticks around she will get dirtier to please me. Email me your sexy video or worship package ideas. Since I haven't been on the pc for about a week, I need to get some end of the month bills paid to relieve some stress.
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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I have been getting everything packed and ready to go to adult camping trip. I was happy the other day when I was at the store because I saw a toilet chair on sale, and hubby didn't cause any fuss when getting it because he wants to use it on the camping trip with a bucket underneath. The bucket  underneath won't please my Goddess ass at all, but I knew my toilet servants and fans would enjoy knowing I got a new toilet chair. I look forward to doing my first feeding from the pussy got wet when I bought it...Goddess smiles!!! I will be having a $40 Custom Video Sale until Saturday to help pay for my $200 sitter, so I can have a pleasurable weekend away!! If you have a custom scat or fetish video idea you would like me to consider for this sale email me. For all of my servants and fans who wish to tribute towards my sexy swinger camping trip you will receive what I am able to capture on my camera while naked having fun on the island!!
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 Please your sexy Goddess!
 I pooped out firm green turds for one of my toilet servants on cam. I had vanilla company coming over, so I told him he could only worship while I shit, but I was turned on! I sucked on my own shit and fingered my ass getting off a little filthy before friends arrived!
 I wanted to tease my servant while tasting my Goddess shit since I know he wants to taste my chocolate badly!
 Worship my extra worn panties!!!
 My panties make lovely face masks and gags!!
 I enjoyed talking about naughty things I began doing when I was a teenager before taking this big poop!
Worship Scat Goddess!!!

Friday, April 10, 2015


Worship MY Goddess Shit!!
Email Goddess directly if you desire to tribute and worship my worship videos,  panties, baked treats, chocolate worship packages, custom worship videos, and more!!
 My load after shitting right into my ass slave's mouth! I wish I could have got a picture of my shit in his looked so sexy!! I went back to the same spot the next day, and my Goddess load was still on the ground, and I could still smell my ass!
 Goddess sun baked chocolate

I love masturbating this way in my worn panties....
it is my favorite!!!!
Worship my Goddess cum and period! These panties are still available to get more stained!

I bet you wish you could be at my Goddess feet right now and inhaling my sweaty socks and sneakers!

Inhale MY Goddess Aroma!
Adding my menstrual blood in my panties, these are still
 are still available to continue getting more stained!

 Worship my dirty worn panties!!

 Having fun filling my silky pantyhose up, as well as trapping my tiny teenage son as a victim with my shit!
 Goddess enjoys being a Giantess as well!
 Worship MY Goddess Ass!!

 Worship and get filthy with my worn pantyhose with my creamy Goddess shit, this is available to worship!
I love when my sluts worship my Goddess chocolate!! 
Worship MY sexy Goddess feet! Kiss the ground that I walk on!!

Worship your Goddess at all times!
Kiss and Lick my black heels!
It's so hot right now in Florida. I love wearing sexy little summer dresses and skirts!
Kiss my Goddess ass! I was horny thinking of my dirty daddy and squirted all in these cotton pink thongs. I think I will soak them with my squirt  a few more times before having them worshiped!

I have been wearing the same couple pairs of brightly colored low cut steve madden socks over and over again with sneakers for a couple months now!! For my servants and fans who also enjoy my other fetishes you may find those worship videos for sale at clips for sale at following link below.
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I am going on an adult island camping trip next weekend for two days, so I am excited to be able to enjoy myself, get pleasured, and relax in the shaded heat, and not having to worry about getting home at a certain time. I will be able to be naked on the island, so I will be able to take some custom nonscat photosets. I will try to get what I can video taped or taken pictures of, so my Goddess ass may be worshiped as it pleases me!

Kiss my Goddess toes while I am on the toilet, but I would rather just go in your mouth! 
Worship all of my Goddess cum, sweat, discharge, pussy, and ass in my cotton panties!
 I went through my freezer today to see what I had stored, I will be having worship sale to help with my upcoming trip and just to please my Goddess ass!
These pink no peeking cotton panties are available to worship or for a future scat video?
Worship all of my sexy filth!
Worship and taste my Goddess chocolate!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I have been holding my shit for about four days now, so my ass is full as I am writing this. I will be going poop shortly. I am thinking of my toilet servants. I will be holding again until Thursday to hopefully finally unload on one of my lucky ass slaves. I wanted to catch my toilet servants and fans up on my naughty sexiness while I wait to release my precious poop!
 Getting my pantyhose worn and sweaty before getting filthy in them!
 First I put on my filthy cheetah poopy panties that I had stashed in my freezer.
 Then I put on my worn sweaty pantyhose over top of my poopy panties.
 Worship all of MY sexy filth!
 I pushed out a very firm round shit ball that I put in the front of my cheetah panties while still wearing my pantyhose. Once I took it out of my panties the ball had flattened out some, but it was still very firm. I sucked on and rubbed the big chocolate log thinking of my servants tasting and consuming my Goddess chocolate.

 Sniff, Lick, and Kiss my Goddess feet!

 Cleaning up and hanging around the house in my stained white cotton panties.
 Inhale all of MY Goddess scents!
 clean up my uti after playing filthy in my panties and pantyhose
 Worship MY sexy Goddess ass!! I need some new leggings to wear and to mess in!
 Worship all of my sexy Goddess curves and sweetness!!!

 I've been adding more and more sex cum to my purple kooky panties. I love my sex cum being cleaned up!
 Yummy Cummy

 I can't wait for these to be worshiped!!

 A nice start to my two sided scented striped panty

 I am wearing these sexy sheer panties now. Worship my big Goddess ass!!