Thursday, December 11, 2014


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I instructed my servant nmman58 to put a speculum in my ass , so he could see right into my full ass. I wanted my servant to see my shit that he will be consuming for me.
My servant nmman58 has traveled a long way to serve in my presence after consuming for the couple months. Now he will get the special treat of my fresh Goddess chocolate out of my big round ass. When I came to feed my servant, I had been holding for four days. By the morning of our session, I had so much pressure built up, all I could think about was feeding my servant. When arriving, I had my servant take some sexy photos of his Goddess, making my pussy so wet before feeding. Once I took off all of my clothes then I was ready to have my servant nmman58 worship all that comes from my Goddess ass. I climb on top of my servant and have him suck on my big nipples teasing him before releasing my precious chocolate. I push out thick chocolate logs for him to chew up and bite. I sit on his face and have him worship my Goddess ass as it pleases me while all he can taste is my powerful Goddess shit Enjoy watching as my servant consumes for the very first time directly from my Goddess ass. This is also my very first toilet session that I filmed.
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After feeding my servant nmman58, I wanted to stuff my black thongs in my ass. I push my thong into my dirty ass.  I push out my shit covered thong as well as more of my precious chocolate. I have my servant suck on my shitty thong, and I decorate his chest with my Goddess shit. For a final treat, I give my servant my yummy Goddess spit.
EAT MY CANDY, 6:14 minutes
After feeding, stuffing and shitting back out my thong, I had a little more of my precious shit that came out. Since my servant had a nice taste of my Goddess shit in his mouth, I coated some miniature candies with my fresh shit to make the candies even sweeter while my servant nmman58 films and watches me make his special sweet tooth treats! When I was done, I put my coated candies at the bottom of my servants mini fridge to enjoy later.
COVERED SERANT IN MUM'S PANTIES, 7:56 minutes, I brought my mum’s filled panties to my first session with my servant nmman58. I had pooped a really big load in the panties…perfect to get all over my servant’s body. I helped him into my mum’s poopy panties, and had him bend over the bed. I smeared and made the panties even dirtier much darker. I spanked my servant’s ass in my mum’s slick poopy panties. I love hearing as I smacked each time also flicking little pieces of shit everywhere! Rubbing my hands all over my servants ass. I pull down the panties making Goddess proud of the smeared ass. I write a special message in my servant nmman58 ass.. Scat Goddess was here!
EAT MY ASS POPS, 3:12 minutes
After feeding my servant nmman58, I wanted to make him some treats that he could enjoy when he was away from my presence and before he had to get back on the plane. I bent over the bed wearing only my stockings and allowed my servant to fuck my Goddess ass with tootsie roll pops making my dirty ass even sweeter and very sticky! Eat MY Goddess ass pops!

After playing with my servant nmman58 during our first session, my fingers got nice and shitty. I sat in front of him having him lick and suck my Goddess shit off my fingers. I could sense I had worked over my servant during his first feeding session and didn’t force. When I was pleased with him tasting my Goddess shit we ended our session in the shower to get cleaned up. I love being pleased as it pleases my big ass!

I have come back the following day to visit my servant nmman58. I held my pee for several hours before arriving. First, I have my servant take some sexy pictures of my Goddess body while getting undressed. I play and tease my pussy. I climb on top of my servant, so he may taste my nectar directly from my Goddess body. I pee and squirt all over my servant as he played with my pussy.mmmm

My servant nmman58 is ready to have his ass used by Goddess. Laying on his belly in puddles of my Goddess piss and squirt, I tease my servants body. I begin toying his ass with my favorite pink anal plug, getting it ready for my strap on. I get behind my servant and fill up his ass. Fucking my servant in the ass makes my pussy so wet! My servant licks my pussy until I cum hard.
I brought a bottle of my strong Goddess piss that I had saved. I had wanted to fill up my servants ass then fuck his ass with my strap on, but I changed my mind, and instructed him to fill up my Goddess ass. I enjoy spraying my super strong Goddess piss all over my servant.
PISS ENEMA FUCK, 5:12 minutes
After I had sprayed my servant nmman58 with my super strong piss enema, I wanted him to cum before leaving my presence on the second day. I climbed on top of my servant and pushed out a very big enema stream out of my ass. I tease my slut and then surprise him by sitting on his cock and riding it with my Goddess ass. I bounce up and down until I am ready for my lucky servant to cum in my hot ass.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


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I had another very pleasing and wonderful session with my servant nmman58 on Thursday. I began my session with my servant by having him take some sexy pictures of his Goddess.  I had my servant tease my pussy and ass with my toys and his fingers. I gave my servant some of my Goddess nectar ans squirt over top of him. It felt so good feeding him directly.
nmman58 after fucking Goddess' ass
Before coming over to see my servant, I collected and saved my Goddess nectar. I had my servant fill up my enema bag and fill my big ass up with very strong saved Goddess piss. Once my ass was filled, I bent over and sprayed my servant with an enema spray.
 I was really turned on, and wanted my servant to cum before leaving my Goddess presence.I got ontop of my servant teasing him with my breasts, pussy, ass,  enema still squirting out of my ass! I put my lucky servant's hard cock in my hot ass. I bounced on my servants cock until I wanted him to cum in my ass....mmmm Goddess smiles
I had to get a look inside my servants belly button!
I took these photos of my Goddess ass being fucked by my servant and dripping my enema juices while my servant waits for his Goddess to join him in the shower.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I had so much fun yesterday with my servant, nmman58.
We were both very excited since it was his first time consuming directly from ass, and my first time filming toilet session. I had been holding since just getting a little bit out to make tummy feel better since turkey dinner load. Before feeding, I allowed my servant to take pictures of me in a dress he bought me. 
I even got him to open my big ass up with speculum to see what he would be eating very soon. Once the speculum was out, I really had to go. I enjoyed feeding my servant directly over top him. It was very erotic for my servant and I. I sensed my servant had consumed enough of my pure chocolate to please me, but my ass still had more shit in it. I bend over and push the thong I had been wearing in my ass. I push out the thong and the rest of my load..omg it felt so good coming out. With the leftover chocolate I covered more leftover halloween candies with my Goddess shit. I want my servant to eat more of me while I am away before he has to go.I brought Mum's panties that I pooped in the other day and put them on my servant. I wanted him to get filthy with my Goddess shit! I spanked and smeared his ass to please me. Keeping him all filthy I have him suck him chocolate covered fingers. I bent over on the bed to allow my servant to make a fresh ass pop from my ass. 
I will be adding more pics soon and videos will be available
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I'm very excited that my one of my lucky servants will be serving in my presence on Wed and Thursday to worship my sexy ass and all that comes from my curvy body. It will be a surprise what will be in store for him since I enjoy what pleases my ass at the moment.
I tried to hold my shit since my turkey day dinner shit but my tummy hurt a little last night. Luckily,  one of my sluts caught me when I was horny to let a little bit out to relieve some pressure as well as cum hard. I was happy that only a little bit had to be released to feel better since I will be holding til tomorrow late afternoon. I came hard thinking of my Goddess chocolate being worshiped as it pleases me.
Worship my sexy filth!
I am also super excited since my servant will be allowing me to record during our session...this will be my first feeding and scat worship with servant recorded. 
Worship my sexy ass!
Worship my sexy pussy!

Sunday, November 30, 2014


I'm getting ready for bed. I am relaxing after adding some things I would like for Christmas. I put a bunch of restaurants I enjoy eating at. If you tribute my ass dinner with giftcard you will get pictures of what I ate for dinner and then shit that I produce. I will take video releasing the dinner bought for me. I love yummy foods and even better when there is no cleanup in the kitchen which means more time for me to relax or get naughty.

You may have the pleasure of filling my belly and then seeing those foods pooped back out starting at $25...feed my belly so you may be fed my Goddess shit!

I released my Thanksgiving dinner and leftovers today. I was so horny thinking of my servants worshiping my sexy ass, I ended up suprising myself and fisting myself for the first time. It felt so good fucking my shitty ass.

Friday, November 28, 2014


I'm getting ready to go to bed and my belly is still full from my feast of Thanksgiving Dinner. My favorites were homemade mac and cheese, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie, but it was all yummy!
Worship my pre holiday fun xxx

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