Friday, April 11, 2014


I have actual felt like I had regular poops the last two mornings. Not too long after waking up, maybe an hour...I've had the strong urge to shit..and of course I want my ass and all of my shit worshiped and enjoyed. The poops were both softer and making me fart a lot beforehand.Since that is a good thing my body is finally getting back to normal. My body temperature has finally dropped from being so hot all the time..=)
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One of my favorite older pictures I still love

Monday, April 7, 2014


I went poop this morning about 10am finally. I had not pooped since Thursday afternoon, when I added my second load to make my brownies. I got filthy while playing on my bathroom floor. I took out the dirty glass toy my hubby fucked my girlfriend in the ass with I had been saving to suck on the next time I played. After I sucked on my glass toy I shoved it in my ass and fucked it came out on a little bit dirty. Then, I began fingering my full ass and began to shit. It felt so good and dirty I continued and smeared my shit on my big round ass. I layed down and fingered my pussy as I fingered my ass to finish myself off...
I will also have Buy 2 Get 1 Free Videos until the end of the April. Email if you need prices for single patient I'm still organizing all my videos. 
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Friday, April 4, 2014


I had a good dirty week. I hope all of my servants and ass worshipers did as well. I filled up a silky cummy panty for my loyal toiletmh. I wanted him to have even more of my Goddess shit because I didn't think I shit a big enough load, I included my filled pullup diaper to get filthy with.....thinking hopefully my toiletmh is getting nasty with my Goddess shit as I write this....mmmm I love that thought.....I love watching it being done even better.,...that is such a turn on to see my shit smeared all over toilets body as well as tasting and consuming...that's the ultimate worship to Scat Goddess....makes my servants have their Scat Goddess closer.
 First my silky panty is infused with all of my Goddess cum and juices from wearing them so much!
Once Cummy and Now Full of my Goddess SHIT!
 It felt so good filling up my panty feeling my warm shit and piss as I thought of my toilet worshiping my messy panties.

After taking a second shit to perfectly get the right amount of shit I wanted worshiped...One was just not what I wanted....worship both of my shits, piss, spit, and breastmilk..Above is my ass all dirty after taking my last shit before baking my Goddess filled brownies. I love when I'm cooking my special treats for my servants to enjoy and consume. My strong aroma went all in my neighborhood since I cook outside...I force others to then smell my ass...the smell also comes in my house...very powerful aroma even when being baked. My favorite was when one of my servants was worshiping at my feet, and he was smelling my ass in the air as his take home treat was baking as he pleased me.
$150 Tribute for Brownies, Panty, Pics & Videos: Batch of 6 Goddess Filled Brownies..How much of my Goddess shit do you want in your treat, remember it doesn't have to be a brownie, I can do other treats or cake. I will include up to 3 loads of my precious chocolate, plus other yummy ingredients....will discuss. You will also receive one of my cummy/dirty ass/or filled panty. You will receive the making of the dirty panty. You will receive the making of video so you can watch me take a load or several loads to prepare your treat. You can pick out 8 of my worship videos to pick out.
I was so happy when I saw this picture...My ass made a shitty heart by itself!!!! WORSHIP MY ASS!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014


You may now be allowed to have the pleasure of follwing Scat Goddess on more social media. If you are always wondering what Scat Goddess is up to, what type panties wearing, what I just had for dinner then you will want to pay small tribute to show Scat Goddess how much you desire to worship more of her body, and just to feel a little closer to Scat Goddess.
You may tribute:
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This is a one time tribute to show your appreciation, loyalty and obedience to Scat Goddess.
For those that please Scat Goddess and follow her..You never know when you may be surprised with extra worship pictures to enjoy for making Goddess smile.
I do have a dirty idea for my one of my next playtimes. My hubby fucked one of my girlfriends ass for the first time ever the other night. First he used my glass dildo to get her ass ready for his cock. After he was done, he gave me the glass toy to clean up. It had a little of her shit on it. I still have not cleaned up the I was keeping it dirty to play with next time I have the chance....hope that sounds hot...I thought it did!!
Be sure to look at my new pictures I added to my panty pictures, so you may worship how big my ass has fill out my panties even more!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I still haven't pooped, not yesterday or today yet. I have been extra horny lately since I've been sleeping in separate rooms. In a way it is nice since I can pleasure myself and put myself to sleep versus just going to sleep without playing. I still need some new sex toys, I haven't gotten anything new to play with yet. I love high powered vibrators!!

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 Getting Dirty & Sticky Making My Goddess Ass Pops!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


$5 Video Sale until March 31st
$5 Take your pick of any of my Worship Videos
Email the number of the videos you want, tribute, and enjoy some of my new or older worship videos.
 I am still organizing my video files. go to  "Page 201- "to see latest dirty vids I've patient or go to my yezz page to see whole list.
If you desire to talk and spend more time with Scat Goddess you may when you pay tribute to show your appreciation of having the privilege to enjoy and worship my ass. I am on Yahoo Messenger, Skype, KIK, Facebook, Instagram. In order to get accepted on these applications and be able to you may pay tribute of $35 and have more personal contact talking with Scat Goddess since my accounts are set to private. If you have tribute me before(I know who you are), I will lower tribute to $20 for continuing to worship and please Scat Goddess.
After fucking my ass with these two lollipops I rolled them in my shit to get them dirtier covered with my Goddess shit for my dirty toilet boy Jake to consume.

Filling a worship container with 5 shits and menstrual blood for my loyal servant archangel to worship.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I got filthy today in my kitchen which is pretty rare. I was in the middle of washing dishes and I needed to take a shit. I took a dark creamy shit to bake brownies with after I collect another load from my ass. After saving that to bake with I was very horny. I wanted to play for my dirty Daddy since I hadn't gotten filthy for him in forever! I have a few new videos that I have made in the last month or so. I'm still slowly working on organizing my video list. My little one makes it difficult to spend long periods online anymore.
I was trying to play with my bullet vibrator today while filthy, but it wouldn't work. I need some new sex toys badly!! Anytime you spoil me with new toys to play with, outfits or shoes to wear I will spoil you with pics and videos to show you how much I'm enjoying what you sent me. (I will take what pleases me though,spoiling me would not be payment for custom video or pictures) If there is something in particular you would like to buy for me to use or wear and its not on my wishlist, just send me an email asking me to add to my list, so you may buy for me.

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To my email:

I made shitty ass pops earlier this week for my dirty boy Jake to enjoy tomorrow for me online. I've been so busy I haven't bathed since before I made the ass pops...I just wiped up again today and douched bc little guy woke from a nap. I will be taking a shower once I lay the baby down tonight. I just thought I would share on my filthiness since I love being worshiped and enjoyed so much. 

Until the end of the month...
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