Friday, October 2, 2015


I have a few worn and poopy items as well as baked goods that will be on sale and ready to be shipped out tomorrow and Monday. Hubby wants room in the freezer for food and not shit lol!!!
Goddess is sick currently with strep throat, so make me happy and send me a message that you desire to tribute and help unload my freezer, and closet... or I may be able to keep a few items if you have a kinky idea for a custom video to wear the item a little more in an upcoming fetish video! All the items shown below are available for super shitty sale to buy and worship, shipped off Monday October 5th!!
My electrode therapy to help control my neuropathy in my right foot and leg broke last night, and I was in a lot of pain. I need to get some new therapy equipment, so I will be adding to my amazon wishlist. If you desire to tribute to help. There are lots that Goddess needs right now, so if you desire to serve as one of my toilets you may serve in manner that pleases and helps Goddess. Email to ask how you may tribute my sexy Goddess ass!!

These oatmeal scat cranberry/raisin  cookies were ordered, but then the person who wanted them backed out on receiving my scat goodies. I have 6 cookies in total, two vacuum sealed packs of 3 cookies each
You will also receive the video of me preparing my brownies when purchasing.
$35 for 3 cookies  or $50 for 6 cookies  (US)
$45 for 3 cookies  or  $60  for 6 cookies  (outside US)
Save $$ and Enjoy my ready scat treats for a low tribute, custom treats are usually above $100!!

I went to the bathroom in the middle of my kitchen into the bowl and baked my oatmeal cranraisin cookies with the load of shit pictured above! I love when my Goddess poop is consumed by my servants and fans!!
Below are more of my worn, dirty clothing items that need to be worshiped to please my ass or if you desire to see the items  used in an upcoming filthy video. 
After I got filthy with 15 loads of my shit during my last toilet session, I wanted to share more of my smeared shit from my body to my toilet servants and fans who wish they could have been a part of my super filthy experience.  I had a little panty wiping fashion show while I was covered in shit head to toe while my toilet servant was in the shower getting clean and his wife was watching me wiping shit all on my panties!! These panties are ready to be shipped out packaged individually or you can buy them all if you wish , except one white silky fullback is already spoken for. Your choice of panty of thong! (White thong, Blue thong, black striped microfiber bikini, silky floral bikini, blue cotton fullbacks, yellow cotton boyshorts)
$20 Filthy Wipe Panty with Video  (US)
$30  Filthy Wipe Panty with Video(outside US)
$100 ALL SIX Dirty Panties (US)
$115 ALL Six Dirty Panties (outside US)
You get this video with purchase of my wiped panty

I wore my silky, pink, fullback panties over and over again until they were nicely stained with my cum, discharge, and ass stains before playing and getting completely filthy in them as well as the blue rose printed spandex top and light gray spandex pants. I would love to have my shitty outfit worn by one of my of my sluts or just to shoot cum all over while smelling my powerful ass scents! You get both videos below if you buy my dirty panty and or outfit
$45 Super Filthy Pink Panty  ($55 outside US)
$65  Super Filthy Pink Panty and Outfit  ($75 outside US)

Get my whole dirty outfit!!
 I enjoyed wearing these tight fighting fullbacks for a long time. I always think of my mum when I wear silky tight fullbacks!!
 Wanna put your face in and smell my dirty pink panties now !!!  Goddess smiles
 I waited so long to play in my happy when I finally had privacy to get so filthy and play!!!
 Worship MY sexy worn shitty panties!!
 Kiss MY Dirty Shitty Breasts and Pussy
 Kiss my feet and lick my panties
My once white little bikini is now all messy and covered with my poop! I had so much fun getting covered with 5 loads of my Goddess shit, even though I got in trouble by hubby for stinking up the house too much lol!! I want my poopy bikini worshiped to please my ass! You will receive this video when you buy my now brown bikini.
$35  Shitty Bikini   (US)
$45 Shitty Bikini (Outside US)
Smell like Goddess!!!!
Saved loads with one load in my ass!!
Get filthy with my poopy bikini
Love Scat Goddess' filth!!
Pink Cotton Bikini, "No Peeking" printed on the butt of the panty and full of my precious poop from a filthy cam. You will receive the following video when you buy my worn pink bikini panty!!
 $35 Messy Pink Panty (US)
$45 Messy Pink Panty (Outside US)

I pissed and pooped my white pants after drinking  Magnesium Citrate laxative. Now my once clean white pants need to be worshiped. You will get the following video when you buy my filthy pants.
 $45 Dirty White Pants (US)
$55 Dirty White Pants (Outside US)

Smell and Taste my Liquid Shit

Wear the pants that I shit in!!
Sniff and Suck my Chocolate Mess Up
After getting messy after my "Going back for more poop" playtime, I helped wipe some of my shit off my body with light purple cotton fullback for one of my toilets to worship since my poop wasn't able to be licked. You will receive Going back for more poop video, the video showing wiping was lost...frowns, but I took these pictures afterwards!!
$15 Purple Poopy Panty (US)
$25 Purple Poopy Panty  (outside US)
Jerk off to my shit stained panties!!!! I love hearing about and knowing when you are masturbating to me!
Inhale my shitty ass and cum hard to Scat Goddess' filth
$13 Pink Poopy Wipe Panty (US)
$24 Pink Poopy Wipe Panty  (outside US)
Pink Cotton Fullbacks with Little Ass Wipe after Pooping
I love pooping in my silky fullback panties. You will get this video for free when you buy my poopy panties.
$30  White Silky Poopy Panty (US)
$40 White Silky Poopy Panty (outside US)
I also love the way it feels when I shit is pressed up against my body when I mess in my pantyhose. You get this video for free when you buy my full pantyhose!
$55 Fully Loaded Pantyhose  (US)
$ 70 Fully Loaded Pantyhose (Outside US)
I started my period the other day after and put on a pair of my dirty period stained Eyore purple panties to add more of my period blood to my menstrual cycle worship panties. These panties are available to buy, but I am still wearing these right now as I type this.
$65 Period Worship Panty with Bag of Period Trash (US)
$75 (outside US)

 My hubby walked into my room and said my room stunk lol He said I needed let go of some of my worn belongings. I have a panty fetish myself, so I love to collect my lingerie and my scents. I have a huge bag of worn panties, a bag of clean panties, and a whole drawer of panties that I am currently wearing, so I thought I would be sweet to my servants and worshipers that desire to worship my scents that I love as well, lower tribute prices for my ready to worship panties. I will take a few pictures and socks so you may worship.
 Oops I had a  little accident in my cute panties the other day! The crotch needs to be cleaned up now!


If you see several items that you would enjoy to buy and worship you may make Goddess a tribute offer for a worship package since wanting a few items.