Saturday, September 5, 2015


I'm cleaning up my house getting ready for friends to come over to stay. I am going to a Fetish Night, but they don't like my particular scat fetish, so I wanted my sexy ass worshiped before they came over! I went through my freezer last night, and counted 14 saved loads. Then, not too much longer after digging through and counting all of my shit, I needed to unload more of my ass, so now I do have 15 loads ready to get super filthy with soon, but I will need to get a hotel to make my hot mess! I can't wait to get completely smeared and covered ready to play with so many loads of my precious poop! I also found a few saved worn belongings such as my once white bikini, now completely covered with my Goddess shit!  Do you have a kinky filthy idea that you would like to see me complete for you in custom video or me $90 Custom Fetish Scat Video
Sale Until 9/31/15

Friday, August 28, 2015


Do YOU Wish to BUY MY Worn Panties??  

$25 Straight out of the Hamper  ($35 outside US)
$45 Custom Worn Panty  ($55 outside US)
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 I've been enjoying wearing my step mom's panties!!
 I've been waiting for the right time to get filthy in my pink silky fullbacks. I haven't had privacy at the right time to stay filthy for as long as I want after pooping in my pink panties, so I keep wearing them adding to the layers of my cum and discharge to be worshiped.
 Cum to MY Shit
 So much crusty cum and stains to be cleaned up!!
 I think these may be the dirtiest panties yet from just wearing them....over and over..and over!!!
 Two loads of shit in my panties!

 After pooping in my panties for the second time, I wiped my filthy ass with my accident poopy panties. They are much filthier now, but I think they need to be a little dirtier, wiping my sexy ass even more, so my chocolate scents may be inhaled and cummed to a lot!
 Pretty Kitty Panty

 I wish I could just find my favorite candy bar and not the biscuits....Goddess is craving a CRUNCHIE!!!
You may have the pleasure of spoiling my Goddess ass with gift cards sent to my po box as well..
Kiss MY Goddess Ass!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Kiss MY Goddess Ass!!!!
$10 Pick any 2 videos 
 I have been busy trying to get caught up on posting past videos since coming home from my trip, I got a little behind went I went away, but it was well worth it! I have a bunch of new worship videos, as well as scat session video with my first couple. I had a ton of fun and got immense pleasure from feeding my new toilet while his wife was pissing behind me. It was very neat to find out that I had met my new scat friends about six years ago at a party. They did not remember Goddess, but I remembered, and filled them in and then they remembered talking on the back porch. It was very nice since they don't live too far from my ass, so I will be able to get lil filthy with them again soon. It was also my first time feeding as well as getting dirty with another female. It was very awesome that she was open and accepting. I hope that I can find some more dirty women to have some scat fun with.  I'm trying to get my videos updated since it is my little one's second birthday on Friday, and having a party for him on Saturday. I'm needing some extra cash to get things ready for his special day. It would please my ass if my servants and sluts could tribute to help Goddess stress less before Jake's birthday. It's so hard to believe that two years have already flown by. I appreciate those who help support and love my ass and allow me to continue to stay home and be a kinky naughty Mommy! I am thinking of starting a daily video blog next month starting in September, so you may be even closer to my Goddess ass. Since my website is free, this would be an addition that would be paid monthly subscription. You may email me any questions you may liked answered while I do my video daily upcoming blogs.
 I have been going through my dirty panties....I have so many dirty panties that I would love to wear even more and get stained up more. I will be posting the dirty pics of the gussets soon, so my panties may be worshiped, inhaled, masturbated, and worn!! Let me know if you have a kinky video idea you would like me to consider using one of my dirty panties. I love playing in my worn panties!
 It had been a very long time since I had done any scat cooking. Years ago I made scat mac and cheese for one of my servants to eat in my presence while worshiping my feet. Over the years, I have been doing lots of scat baking of brownies, cookies, cakes, muffins, breads, but mainly desserts. I did enjoy preparing a birthday fetish Chinese lo mien and fried rice meal for my aggravating brother to eat up for me. I was very happy how my birthday meal came out for my brother, and look forward to trying to cook different foods and meals upcoming with ingredients from my sexy body. I love when all that comes from my Goddess body is eaten up to please me.
To wash down his meal, I mixed up a fetish Dr Pepper drink as well. Piss, Poop, Pubic hair, toe nail clippings, spit, blood, boogers, foot dust, Birkenstock junk...oh and Dr Pepper!!
 Runny Goddess Liquid Shit
 What would you do with my liquidity shit?
 I love it when you think about MY ass!
 Especially what's inside of MY sexy ASS!!
 Kiss & Lick MY Asshole!!
 Are you hungry? I just peed and pooped in leftover Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket
 Creamy Goddess Turds
 I've been working hard to loose baby weight, and over the last couple of months, it has finally come off. I am now back down to my pre-pregnancy weight at 120. Now from loosing a little over 100 pounds, I have the mommy's belly that I am trying to tone and make lil smaller....I know it will take time, as this has taken me two years to get back down!!!!
 Ready for Goddess to feed you?
 Slut cleaning up my dirty ass after feeding
and getting off good!
Worship all of MY Goddess filth!

 Goddess loves to get filthy!
 Kiss MY Shitty Toes and Start Licking
 Worship the ground that Scat Goddess walks on!
 My shit covered sandals are available for sale if you desire to worship them. Email Me if you desire to buy them.
 Cum in my shitty sandals!
 I know you wish your tongue was in between my shitty toes instead of my shitty shoes!
 Worship MY Goddess ASS!!!


Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Sale Until 8/30/15
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$40 Surprise Dirty Package    ($60 outside US)
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$75 Custom Panty & Video ($100 Outside US)
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$40 Live Skype Cam Poop (up to 30 min)
$90 Live Skype Cam Poop and Scat Play (up to 30 min)

It feels like it's been so long since I have told you about all of my naughtiness. I had a lovely time away with my family up North, but I was so ready to get home once my trip was all over with. I wasn't able to get filthy while on vacation, but I was able to have a little fun while I was away. I came home hurting much more with my nerve pain (neuropathy) and it took me about a week to get back to feeling a little better able to get back to my normal filthy self! I cleaned out my room and closet when I came back home from my trip, so I can actually see what I can choose from to wear makes life so much easier now....I was working from three closets which was crazy!! I have a big selection of panties and clothes, and shoes that I don't mind messing up. I don't have pictures of all of my clothing items to choose from, but if you have an idea you may ask to see if I have what you like. I do not charge extra to mess up these clothes that I don't mind getting filthy. I have also found some dirty panties, poopy pants, and period trash while cleaning up my closets. I will be doing my first surprise dirty worship packages with all of my found dirty goodies. I need to get my internet paid today and some other bills, since I had to replace tires on my car yesterday which I was not expecting. Plus my little man's second birthday is coming up in a couple weeks, so I will be holding a sale below, of course you may message me if you have something special that you would like me to do or make for you.
 I've been wearing my white panties over and over again until they were all stained up nicely to make them even more stained up for one of my lucky panty servants to clean up!
 I saved my pee overnight, so the next morning when I was ready to give myself an enema it was super strong! After pouring my pee into the enema bag I put a little bit of my shit that popped out into the strong piss enema bag as well. This will be the first time to give myself a shitty piss enema!
 I pushed out little turds along with the shitty enema that came out of my sexy ass and filled up my very dirty panties.
 This was a naughty idea suggested by one of my new panty cleaners. A very tough first job to be made to clean up, but I enjoyed making my panties extremely filthy to be worshiped as it pleases my ass.
 Do you have a really dirty, messy, or nasty idea that you would like me to consider?
I collected all of the liquid shit and balls from my enema and put into the plastic container for my panty cleaner to have to worship my pure Goddess chocolate as well.
 About an hour after giving myself the shitty enema, I exploded more chunky loose shit from my asshole.
 Don't you want to clean up for Goddess??
Or would you like to get filthy with ME?
My first poop after my plane trip to Boston.
 Cum hard to my Shit!
 While away on my trip at the second hotel, my family left, and I stayed at the pool. On my way to my room, I passed a bathroom, I went inside and all of a sudden a song I like came on. I was feeling very horny and naughty, so I turned on my cell phone camera and began dancing. I wish I had to poop because that would have been sexy, but I had a lot of fun goofing off and dancing getting naked in the public bathroom. I love knowing that anyone could walk in on me at any moment, made it much more hotter!
 When I packed for my trip, I did not pack any clean underwear. Since I love to keep my servants close, I brought a few dirty pairs that I have been adding my cum and stains into. When going through security my duffle bag was searched through of course and they got to see my dirty panties..they probably smelt them as well!! I kept my duffle bag with me as personal item for safe keeping!
 I love looking at my stained panties while sitting on the toilet seeing them progressively get dirtier! 
 A nice big handful of shit before leaving the hotel before riding to Maine in the car.
 Inhale MY Goddess scents!

 Think of MY Poop  A LOT!!
 My brown panties above are almost ready, but my pink panties below need to continue to get filthier! I will be planning to stay shitty dirty in these pink panties and stay dressed for an hour coming up soon. I'm sure to make a huge mess!
 I didn't pack any clean panties, but my mum packed new boyshort panties for me to wear. I thought they looked fun to poop in especially the bright yellow panty.
 My dad lives on a farm in Maine, I was so happy when I went to go put on shoes and he said why don't you just go barefoot! I was so pleased that I listened to my dad because it had been years and years since I walked through the grass with my bare feet. It felt so good and made me excited! I'm not sure if my dad caught me taking pictures of my messy grass feet!
 I had to go to the bathroom when we were finished in the garden and get myself cleaned up, I had grass on my feet and going up my legs! It was worth it though!
 I went back to my very religious aunt's house that night, and pooped in my cousin's upstairs bathroom. I scooped out my Goddess shit from the toilet and then fingered my ass while talking to my slut on the phone.
When I got to my dad's house, I walked into the bathroom and their dog had attacked their bathroom trashcan. I immediately started cleaning up the bathroom trash filled with my sister's period trash.
I could not help myself. I just had to take a sniff of my sister's used tampon applicators and panty liners thinking of my horny sluts!
I have been enjoying wearing my dirty, cummy panties while on my vacation. No washing of panties needed for Goddess. I enjoy my panty cleaner to clean these up!
Another super cummy pair brought with me on my trip for lucky panty servant to worship!
I was doing laundry at my dad's house, and saw my step mom's sexy lace panties in the hamper. I went to grab them and my dad was not too far behind me, so I quickly slipped them in my pocket. When I got to my room, I was kinda disappointed that the gusset didn't have any nice cum stains like I leave in my panties. They are nicely worn, so I was happy about still turned me on stealing my step mom's panties so they may be worshiped to please my Goddess ass!
I finally put on a clean pair of purple panties that my mum bought and packed for me.
Worship MY Goddess Shit!!
I had a wonderful trip visiting relatives, but it left me hurting very bad with my neuropathy. I  was very happy when I was picked up in a stretch Navigator limo by my local bitch boy. I am so happy to be back home, but I truly did miss Maine. I hope to start visiting family more often hopefully every summer!
I took out some of my saved chocolate for one of my hungry toilets, and Goddess needs to get filthy badly!! Goddess was so horny while away!!!!
My white panties still need to get stained up more!!
It took a few days to poop after coming home from my trip. It was a thicker compacted log with corn pieces. I was so horny, and needed to get filthy. I came so hard sucking on my shit!
Goddess is happy now!
Worship all of my Goddess filth!
Goddess has a new strapon!!! yay it has no harness, I've been wanting one of these for years!!
Suck on my purple cock!
Kiss MY Sexy White ASS!!
Kiss MY toes while I sit on the porcelain potty!
Kiss MY Goddess toes always, even at the gas station!
Worship MY Creamy Goddess turds!
I prepared butterscotch pudding with and included two loads of my precious shit for one of my ass lovers.

Oatmeal Raisins Cookies made with
 two loads of my Goddess shit
Open up your mouth and eat my yummy scat treats!
 Kiss MY Goddess shitty toes!

Open up your mouth!!
Get filthy with my Goddess shit!

I was wearing these cummy gray panties while holding to and release that big ball of poop, and left a little ass stains behind for a lucky panty worshiper to enjoy.