Friday, August 8, 2014


I have a bunch more of my panties from my drawer that will be available for sale. I have asked my sister wife,  Amanda, to take some pictures in my panties, so you may see my body. I'm still losing weight, but I'm still trying on getting rid of my baby tummy. Usually my breasts are the first to go when losing weight, but my breasts and ass are still much bigger since having my baby. I still have just a little bit of milk left. I like to try and suck my own nipples. That makes my pussy and panties so wet!!!
I will be having a sale on my worn cummy panties until the end of August. You may pre order my extra cummy, dirty panties for $40. This month when buying my dirty panties you will get 5 videos from my worship collection to enjoy while you wait on my panties. My panties take time to perfectly infuse my Goddess scents, so please give up to two months to receive my panties. I love wearing my panties for long periods, so my powerful aroma can be enjoyed for a long time. I want to intoxicate my panty worshipers with my worn panties! I will take progress pictures, so you can see my panties progressively getting soaked with my cum, juices, ass stains. 
Reverse just went out in my car...I added some new video sales...I have several new pooping videos that I have taken that will also be available. Tribute my ass and help me fix my car asap!
I've been a Mommy for almost a year now. I have enjoyed all the new changes my little one has brought me . For my loyal servants who love please me, you may pick something off my Amazon wishlist or send an Amazon egiftcard to show your appreciation and adoration to ME!   My little man's birthday on August 21st, he will be one year's old!! It is amazing how time flat by so quickly.

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Thursday, July 31, 2014


I'm waiting for my sister wife to have to go to the bathroom. I had her pull down her pants and show me her ass yesterday afternoon, telling her I want her to poop in front of me the next time that she goes. She is very nervous, but she did agree to do that for me. I know my toilet lovers will enjoy seeing my sister wife poop for the first time on video!
I am getting ready to bake very soon. I have several loads saved up now that I will be ready to cook. I'm looking forward to making my toilet slave Goddess filled brownie treats as well as my pure scat caked to enjoy all of my goodness!!
I am working on uploading the new videos..all the poops making of brownie so they will be combined once I finish making my slave's treats.
Today is the last day for my worship video sale
12 videos for $50 when you tribute me directly!
Worship My Goddess ASS!!

Friday, July 18, 2014


I am so excited!! I have good news!! I talked with my hubby again asking permission to begin real time sessions again. I now have a sitter, so I will have no worries...since lil man was the reason I stopped booking sessions since I became pregnant.

If you desire to serve under my sexy Goddess ass, or to serve other ways in my presence, please message me to discuss and arrange. You will be required to tribute to show your appreciation, loyalty, obedience, and just to please my big ass.
I also was happy to get some sexy pictures of my sister wife last weekend. I dressed her up in my skimpy white dress and heels, with nothing else underneath to go out with hubby to a swingers party. She has a sexy little body, but she is so shy. I have been telling her what to do for me getting all sexy. I enjoyed taking some more pictures of her ass and asshole the other night before going to bed. She wasn't all made up just relaxing and I turned her over and started licking her asshole. She tastes yummy. I licked and fingering her and I had to take a quick unexpected video playing with her ass. I asked her the other night if she had ever used an anal plug before. She said she had never tried, and didn't really understand why the need to use one. giggles. I tongue fucked her ass and tried to insert my pink anal plug in her ass, but she was so tight. I will need to work on her ass some more to stretch it out. I also thought of getting a small tiny plug for her to keep in her will make her so much more aware!
I am enjoying exposing my new sister wife's ass. You may pay tribute if you wish to help me continue pushing her limits making her naughtier...she wasn't even into any of lifestyle or kinky stuff before we met her....she fell in fast a nice submissive girl.
Enjoy looking up at my sister wife's ass...I love taking pictures of other sexy women!!
My sister wife took these pictures of me the other night...I'm just looking at them. She didn't tell me I had some of my curly hair trapped in my big ass cheeks....I think you will need to remove them with your teeth!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


I wanted to give my toilet fans,worshipers, and slaves an update. I had a lovely time visiting my family in nc and va. I didn't get to spend as much time as I wanted to with my mum, so I hope I am able to visit again in a couple months. 
Kiss my Goddess hands. My birthday is coming up very soon, July 3rd! I will be 35 years old!!! If you would like to be sweet and thoughtful by buying me a birthday gift you may send me egiftcard with giftrocket, Amazon, cashstar
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Worship my sexy Goddess pussy. I shaved my bush into a landing strip the other day.
My pussy gets so creamy and cummy....Worship all that comes from my Goddess body!
I need to wear these panties more and add more of my Goddess powerful juices and scents in them.
I was able to get my left nipple piercing back in....I need to keep trying the right...hopefully I can have them both back in after having the baby and breastfeeding.
After coming back home, I now have a sister wife and her three children living with me. She doesn't entirely know about my scat fetish, but I hope to get her a little naughty and dirty for me. It is very funny because we share the same first name, Amanda. She is 31 years old, skinny, blonde,small breasts, and she has a sweet pussy. 
Here is my sister wife Amanda. 
I'm hoping to take some striping pictures of her, so I can get her to spread her sexy asshole. I have been thinking of using the speculum in her ass so I can look inside of her bum....I think it will make her pussy wet when I stretch her ass. She took this picture herself, so I'm looking forward to taking photos of her myself. I let her take a photo set of me striping out of a silky robe before bed nothing too naughty before we played. She did say  Yes that she would let me wear her dirty panties for my fans and servants. I will get some panty pics of her soon....a great way to loosen her up for more fetish. You may message me if you wish to buy a pair of shared panties or a break her in photoset for sister wife Amanda.
I want to find a home for my first scat panting. I have more people in the house now, so I'm having to give up some of my storage space. You may send me is tribute offer to consider if you desire to own my artwork... I will also I include the making of than $25 since  supplies and shipping cost more than that.. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I'm getting so excited for my upcoming trip to see my family. It has changed slightly, instead of flying I will be renting a car and driving (well I will be riding) first up to North Carolina then to Virginia...then all the way back home to Florida. I wasn't expecting this since I already had my plane tickets, but I hope it will make it a little better. At least I will be able to bring more back home with me than I could on a plane.
To celebrate my laptop files being restored, I am having a FILL SD CARD SALE! I have thousands of pictures to choose  from the last 7 years.  These are pictures from my whole collection not just scat, so let me know what else you would like to see!
2GB--sd card $50
8GB--sd card $100
32GB--sd card $250
I can also send my videos on sd card or dvd. The prices above are for pictures only, you may message to discuss more.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


I got home last night from dropping off my hubby at a party. I was so horny, my nipples were so hard.   I pulled my breasts out of my bra and began rubbing my nipples. I found a porn my hubby downloaded of a flat chested girl striping, masturbating, and getting fucked. I got my toys and my video camera and I was able to fuck my pussy and ass with  my pink anal plug and glass dildo. When I took out my plug there was is little shit won the plug. I licked and sucked off my plug, and it made me so horny. I soaked my panties and myself with squirt. I came so hard!  I needed to get off super hard it felt so good I didn't realize I was getting shit all over one of my feet. I thought it was perfect time for my foot loving toilet worshipers to worship my Goddess feet. I wanted the shit licked all of my toes and feet. I will have both videos available for my loyal toilet worshipers and slaves for $10 tribute. 

My squirt soaked panty and video for  $40
Email me:
I'm so excited that I'm going to see my mum and great grandma at the end of this month. I am a little nervous about my baby's first airplane ride. I will be flying to Virginia, then driving to North Carolina, then driving back to Vrginia, then flying home to Florida. Hopefully it will all go smoothly, my family is super excited to see my baby for the first time. Thank you for my toilet worshipers who have already tributed this month to make it possible to get my plane tickets. Xxxx

I will be having a sale in celebration of getting my laptop files restored and helping with my upcoming trip. 
 I'm finally finished my period which I'm so glad of. I needed to get fucked, hubby doesn't touch me when I'm bleeding. 
My purple panties are filthy from my period!
These panties are available for sale.
Soaked with sweat, period, and lots of my cum
Pick any of these period panties shown  for $35
Getting my dirty white cotton  Hanes ready
 for my toilet worshiper Tom

I saved and brought home tampon and soft cup home so all of my menstrual cycle may be enjoyed
Worship all of my Goddess body!
Inhale my powerful scents! I have worn this pink cotton fullback panty a few periods without washing!
Another period panty available for sale $35
I'm still growing out my pussy hair on top
Want to smell and suck on my period trash?
I use tampons, pads, liners, and soft cups during my period.  I love my menstrual blood cleaned up!
Smile...I'm in a great mood giving you lots of worship pictures today!
Worship my Goddess breasts!
I pulled out my toys before friend came over to play..I need more toys to play with! I was sad I didn't get any new toys for Easter or Mother's Day.
My blobs are still nice and big..smiles
My scat painting the next day still drying
My scat painting after being sealed to protect and preserve my very first scat panting.