Thursday, March 19, 2015


End of the month video worship sale
3 videos for $15
Email & Tribute Goddess to receive sale prices. To clear up any confusion, I only make 60% off Scat Shop sales, so this 3 for $15 video sale is not available to purchase through ScatShop.
I was able to go out to the party Saturday night, but I wasn't able to stay out too long because of the sitter. I did arrive and leave with my coyote tail attached to my butt plug. I was sad that I wasn't able to stay out longer and have my ass pleasured, but I did enjoy getting out and seeing friends and meeting some new ones.
 Inhale my Goddess foot aroma!

 Worship MY Goddess Worn Panties
 Inhale my Goddess aroma!

Worship all of  MY sexy Goddess ass!!
Meme/Photoshop Picture Contest
I am holding a contest for my scat fans and servants. Since I like pictures better than video, You will receive a few pictures that you will have to work with. You may make MeMe, write a little story, and combine a couple and make creative photoshop picture. Make your Goddess smile. Please email Goddess explaining your favorite part of scat or toilet slavery. The winner who makes Goddess most pleased and amused will win a custom video from Goddess. (custom idea will be considered and approved by Goddess)

Sunday, March 15, 2015


                 Worship Scat Goddess and all that comes from my curvy body!!
Don't you wish you were underneath my Goddess ass?
I had a good week, lots of big thick poops and a pleasure filled weekend. Hubby fucked me twice on Friday, then a couple came over last night. I'm looking forward tonight and tomorrow as well getting pleasured even more since I have been busy working on updating and uploading my scat worship videos, so they may be purchased directly online. I still enjoy though when my fans and toilet servants like to deal directly with my Goddess ass to make a much closer and sexy toilet relationship.
 Clean Up MY Ass Juice! I still have the gray panties that I pooped the ass juice in....was thinking it would sexy to wear them some more and add more of my sexy juices and scents.
I love wearing my sexy cummy panties over and over again!
 Inhale MY Goddess worn panties!!!
 inhale, lick, suck, wear, poop in, and masturbate with!!
 I pooped big thick poop in my white sheer bikini
 I sucked on my  big piece Goddess shit thinking of my toilet servants tasting and eating my sexy ass!
 Crave MY Goddess Shit!
 Worship all of that comes from MY Goddess ass!!
 Taste & Get FILTHY with MY Goddess shit!!
 Wiping up my shitty ass with my Santa thongs
Adding more of my hubby's cum into my sex cum purple Kooky panties getting them nice and ready for a lucky slut to enjoy soon to please my ass!!
 Worship  down the ground that I walk on!!
 Clean up my dirty Goddess feet!

Monday, March 9, 2015


I love for all of my cum as well as my sex cum to be worshiped and enjoyed. I love thinking of my sluts when my pussy is still all messy needing to be cleaned up. I've been wiping my cum filled pussy in my purple Kooky cotton hipsters getting them nicely scented with my sex.

 These purple panties are available for sale, but of course more of my yummy sex cum will be added!!
Think of your Goddess getting pleasured!!
Sniff, lick, suck clean, wear, masturbate with...mmmm
 I was so happy to see that my scat valentine surprised Goddess with a new fun attachment to use with my Hitatchi Magic Wand Vibrator!! I tried it for the first time yesterday and omg I got so wet and creamy!!! I can't wait to cum and cum with it. Since this attachment makes me so cummy, I thought it would be awesome to make an addition to my panty sale. All panty orders come with progress picture and masturbation video, but I will be adding a 15 minute web cam show using my powerful vibrator so you may watch me cum in your panties!! Email me if you are interested in worshiping my sexy cummy dirty panties!
Sale until 3/31/15
$35 Panties
$25 Thong
Tribute MY Filthy Goddess Ass. I love spoiling and pleasing my toilet servants that live to please and make their Scat Goddess Amanda happy.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Container of my Goddess shit to be used as butter for my servants Southern Scat Cornbread
Clean up my Goddess ass!
wiping my filthy ass and starting to get my santa thong dirty
Worship my worn panty liner
I still have a tiny bit of breast milk left, I love my breasts sucked
Worship all of my sexy body!!


Sniff & Lick clean my pads
My period is now finally gone yay!! I was surprised that it only lasted seven days since not having a period since July. I have had it last weeks after that, so I am very thankful it is over. I am happy to have my servants worship my menstrual cycle again, since it has been way overdue!!
Pushing out creamy loads for my servants to consume
I love feeding my sluts my precious Goddess waste
I love facesitting my sluts in these pants especially when my tummy is rumbling and I have gas!
Worship ALL of my sexy Goddess ass!
Worship my Goddess pussy after my hubby came deep inside
Worship the sex I have!
Inhale, taste, and wear my sex cummy panties!!
These panties are still available for sale, but I will be adding lots more of my sex cum before they are allowed to be worshiped!
Oh no I was upset when one of my favorite pairs of heels broke while I was entertaining a new couple for dinner and playtime. I have worn these sexy wedge sandals for way over ten years!!! They lasted a very long time, but I am still sad =(

Getting my white cotton fullbacks nice and worn
I love candy and almost all types of sweets. I wanted to share some of my candy Valentine's with my servants by pooping into the leftover heart shaped box to please my ass. I pushed out a multicolored semi firm and creamy shit to feed my toilet servants.
Eat up all of my Goddess Shit!
Worship my ass in these cute hipsters!
Inhale MY Goddess pussy cum
I love collecting my used condoms for my cum slut to clean up to please my ass!
Worship the ground that Goddess walks on!
Please MY Goddess ass all the way down to my feet!

Don't you wish I was sitting on you?
Open wide my thirsty toilet, I enjoy collecting my nectar when my sluts
can't drink my nectar in my presence.
Drink up!

I was taking care of my little man and feeding him breakfast when my tummy started rumbling and hurting all of a sudden. Since I was in the middle of doing something important, I tried my best to hold, but I couldn't quite hold it all. I pooped in my white cotton fullback panties before I could change out of my pajamas.
I could feel that I still needed to poop and that it was going to be a little looser, so I quickly got a bowl to collect the rest of my sweet shit for my servants to worship.
I was surprised when began farting and then these creamy turds popped out of my ass as well as my pee. Worship all that comes from my curvy body!
Doesn't my shit look so pretty swimming in my nectar?
I poured off my nectar, so
 I could keep these creamy corn turds for my servant to enjoy.
I put on a very old gstring (about 8 years old!) to wipe and clean up my wet shitty ass. I will be adding more of my Goddess shit to make these thongs even better!
Both of these panties are available for worship.
A few hours later my tummy was still rumbling. Since I had an accident in my panties to begin with, I thought it would be hot to poop in the panties! I didn't know that I was going to have a creamy cum like shit release from my ass. I removed my panties and was shocked to see my shit look like I was fucked and cum in, but my ass hadn't not been fucked!! I quickly had to wrap these up, so one of my lucky toilet sluts may enjoy and worship what came from my sexy ass. These gray panties are available for sale.
Suck clean my dirty panty gusset

Thick cummy shit was all over my ass and legs!

Worship all that comes from my sexy ass!!!